Who’s Rawstone?

We are a game company.

Our aim is to create a game-based ecosystem to connect players,

customers, companies and markets.

What’s our

We were born as a boardgames publisher in the first place.

Our goal was (and is still today!) to localize western boardgames in China market.

But as hardcore gamers, we began to think “Why can’t everyday tasks and nuisances be just as fun as playing games?”

And that’s where we met with the principle of gamification: shifting game elements and design to non-ludic contexts to turn

boring and dull activities into fun and engaging ones.

This idea perfectly matched both with our love for games and our goal to make the world a funnier place.

Today we offer our expertise and passion to you, through our services: Game Studio Design, Magu, Rawstone Games

our goal?

We create engaging experiences thorugh:

1. Gamification and serious games – we develop a unique game design system for your brand.

2. Magu – our Game As a Service platform for crowdfunders.

3. Board games – we design, produce and sell worldwide board games through crowdfunding.

Reach your goals and improve your community’s loyalty through gamified experiences.

Our numbers

We like to show off every now and then! 

Here you can find our relevant numbers

Crowdfunding campaigns successfully completed

Boardgames copies sold

Boardgames localized in asia.

Our team

Rawstone - Jade Wang - Founder & CEO

Jade Wang

JV Partner

Rawstone - Vincenzo Piscitelli - JV Partner

Vincenzo Piscitelli

Founder & CEO

Rawstone - Rifle Feng - Co-Founder & CFO

Rifle Feng

JV Partner

Rawstone - Gianluca Abbruzzese - Manager Partner

Gianluca Abbruzzese


Rawstone - Sebastian Wu - Sales Manager

Sebastian Wu

Sales Manager

Rawstone - Kong Zhao - Lead Graphic Designer

Kong Zhao

Lead Graphic Designer

Rawstone - Jeremy Howard - License Manager

Jeremy Howard

License Agent

Rawstone - Simon Cui - Production Manager

Simon Cui

Production Manager

Rawstone - Flower Wang - Marketing Manager

Flower Wang

Marketing Manager

Rawstone - Miriam Lanzetta - Project Manager

Miriam Lanzetta

Project Manager

Rawstone - Lupin Zhang - Graphic Designer

Lupin Zhang

Graphic Designer

Rawstone - Alessandro Carrese - Head Of Technology

Alessandro Carrese

Head of Technology

Rawstone - Marilyn Zhang - Translator

Marilyn Zhang


Rawstone - Dario Esposito - UX / UI Designer

Dario Esposito

UX / UI Designer

Rawstone - Saeed Farkhondeh - Full Stack Developer
Saeed Farkhondeh

Full Stack Developer

Rawstone - Carolina Esposito - Digital Marketing Strategist

Carolina Esposito

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rawstone - Ariel Yu - Translator

Ariel Yu


Rawstone - Cory Hu - Translator

Cory Hu




About us

We enhances your brand value through game experiences.

Where we are

Via Capitano Luigi Laviano, 142
81100 – Caserta, Italy

Chejiao Street No.69
315000 – Ningbo City, China


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