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Game design studio

Get help and sell your game idea! Our experts will assist you and guide you to turn your ideas into bestselling games!


It’s a Game As-a-Service platform for retailers which helps them to build customized gaming experiences for their customers.

Board games

Spread your licensed boardgames in the Chinese market with our experts. They will be glad to help you!

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Gamification Lab

Want to know more about the world of gamification and game design?

In our lab you’ll find articles & tips about these topics and share ideas with people like you!

The icing on the cake? The lab is completely gamified!


My employees have to attend a skill training course, can you make it more engaging?

Absolutely yes! Our gamification platform “Magu” can help you turn a classic and boring skill training course into an engaging experience.

Through this experience your employees will have the chance to learn with fun thus better remembering the notions acquired.

No more eye-rolling and clock-watching from your employees!

I have designed a board game, can you help me commercialize it?

Of course we can! Our experts have years of experience on their shoulders, particularly in the boarding game industry.

They will be more than glad to help you adjust your boardgame to the target market and will guide you through all the localization phases.

Ok great, but can you give me some real examples of gamification?

There are already some great examples of gamification around, such as:

Nike Run Club: a gamified app that through different game mechanics , encourages people to run by leveraging on their sense of competition, achievement, recognition and progression.

Starbucks: through a system of points, rewards and sense of community belonging, the famous coffee chain has substantially improved the loyalty to the brand.

If you’d like to read more on these cases, you can find plenty in our Gamification Lab!

Why should i turn my business into a game? We're adults!

There are 2.7 billion gamers in the world.

The video gaming industry is worth more than the sum of the movie and music industries. There’s a high chance that most of your customers and employees are gamers and are used to game dynamics.

Nevertheless even if they aren’t gamers, you can think another way. Gamification aims at engaging people by “stealing” the best techniques from one of the most engaging sector there is: the gaming business.

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