Our team

Jade Wang
Founder & CEO

Rifle and I were on a small team working on super ambitious idea a biggest chinese boardgame community, this project is now EnjoyGame, a big family around the world.

Rifle Feng
Co-Founder / CFO

Jade and I, throughout the years have played hundreds of games (which i think is a very nice way to bond), Abstract Strategy, Card Game, Farming, Cooperative, Deck-Building, are some of our passions and now our job.

Sebastian Wu
Sales Manager

I’m a sucker for miniature games and there’s no doubt that ameritrash games will be the domination of the world! If one beautiful miniature can’t buy you, then how about two? As a geek for many years, I’ll let everyone fall in love with boardgames.

Tuan Rajep
Purchasing Manager

Love Rolling Dice and always trying to stay a step ahead on strategy! A father by choice and a gamer by chance! Fun, loving character who is always up to have a good time.

Kong Zhao
Lead Graphic Designer

As a designer, I always try to make our products meet the taste of Chinese players. I manage the graphic design of our products and campaigns, and also make emojis of my team members.٩(ˊωˋ*)و

Tom Wu
Social Media Manager

It has been five years since I fell in love with board games. I am a big fan of board game.Now responsible for marketing. I always do my best to make sure all of our customers be happy . Now I am working hard for my dream.

Chaterine Shan
Lead Translator

I am a translator, someone who always dedicates myself to rendering clearly and accurately, aiming to bridge the gap between Chinese and English especially in understanding and appreciating boardgames.